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Hip-hop DJ Mister Cee is caught with another male releasing some, uhm, tension; LeBron James' mother gets her pimp slap on; and McDonald's needs 50,000 new bodies to hire (not feed, thank the Lord).  The crazy kicks off now.


Just another hip-hop conspiracy theory

Mister Cee, a veteran hip-hop producer (Notorious B.I.G.'s "Ready To Die") and DJ at New York's Hot 97 was literally caught by the NYPD with his pants down.  Mister Cee was arrested for misdemeanor public lewdness and indecent exposure.  According to a police report Mister Cee was enjoying the oral pleasures of a 20-year old male in a car.  Mister Cee denies the story and believes he is being targeted by the NYPD to destroy hip-hoppers.  Uhm, I'm not buying that one and neither is the commenter below.

"This is funny! Outside of NY nobody knows who this negro is...Why would the NYPD try to frame you? Who the f**k are you? A radio DJ! NYPD won't get a promotion busting your sorry azz! You are gay brother, admit it! It's 2011, no one cares!

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Commenter: tayla


There's a new wild mama in town

LeBron James' mother, Gloria James was recently arrested in Miami for slapping the mess out of a valet.  According to the valet she became angry at his service and reportedly smacked him so hard that she fell to the ground.  This incident coupled with rumors that she was sleeping with a former teammate of LeBron's has this commenter reminded of another controversial mama, Frankie Lons.

"Oh boy, another Keyshia Cole's mother."

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Commenter: mija


Is McDonald's evil for giving out jobs?

Whether you love 'em or hate 'em it's hard not to be impressed with the food service giant's plan for a one-day hiring spree of 50,000 new workers on April 19th.  Oh wait, I may have spoken too soon.  Not everyone thinks that the company's plan to give jobs to many out-of-work Americans is well intentioned. Does somebody need a Happy Meal or am I missing the warning signs?

"McDonald's is an evil corporation that wants only to keep people down and pay them substandard wages...I bet none of those 19,000 jobs pay more than $10.00 an hour. What a terrible company for not paying burger-flippers what they deserve."

[Editor's Note: CNN reports that the average pay for the jobs is $8.30 an hour compared to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.  Plus, some restaurant managers can make $50,000 a year.]

Just sayin'

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April 12, 2011NewsComments