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By Souleo. Chris Brown's tears; Mel Gibson's obscene rants; Janet Jackson's live comeback performance; yet another sports star arrested for acting a fool and illegal immigration.  It's all here in this week's round-up.  Check it.


Who Says Men Don't Cry?

According to the commenter below if you ever want to know if someone is faking their tears or not just look for snot.  If the snot is flowing the truth is showing.  While this assessment is a bit uh, unorthodox, the commenter is on-point by noting that Chris Brown's career has been given new life thanks to his snot-nosed inspired tribute to Michael Jackson at the BET Awards.

"Baby you don't have to explain yourself I felt it through the TV you hear me, like someone said "YOU COULD FAKE TEARS BUT YOU CAN'T FAKE SNOT." Give my boo a break!! take your mouths off his d**k its no more cum left."

Source: www.theybf.com

Commenter: Dime Diva


Mel Gibson, Tiny and Pigs

Mel Gibson has gone off the deep end yet again after allegedly being recorded by his ex Oksana Grigorieva, saying "You're an embarrassment to me. You look like a f-king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n-ers it will be your fault."   Aside from Mel's pathetic racist rant what baffled me and others was the "pig in heat" reference.  No one quite knows what one looks like but according to the commenter below, T.I's fiancé, Tiny might be a good point of reference.  Wow, I don't think Tiny deserved this one but it sure was funny.

"missy says: did this thingg say "look ike a pig in heat" ..How the heck does a pig in heat look like... have you ever seen a pic of Tiny?"

Source:  www.sandrarose.com

Commenter:  speakinmymind


Ms. Jackson's "Nasty" Crotch Makes a Comeback

We all might want to stand at least 20 feet away from Ms. Jackson because apparently her crotch is a fire hazard.  Well, not exactly but according to this commenter Janet burned the roof off of the Essence Musical Festival with her flaming vagina and dynamic comeback show.  You gotta love a Stan who goes all the way in!

"Janet, you're p**** was on FIRE! Snatching wigs left and right. YAAASSSS!"

Source:  www.thatgrapejuice.net

Commenter: THEKIDDZ

Gun?  What Gun?

If you asked most people whether or not they are carrying a gun they'd be able to answer with a confident yes or no. Cleveland Browns defensive end, Robaire Smith is not most people.  When he was pulled over at the Flint's Bishop Airport he told the officers that he did not know he had a loaded gun in his luggage.  For that reason alone, I agree with this commenter that perhaps he's had one too many footballs to the head.

"These guys need guide dogs. The dogs would provide the brainpower that they appear to lack."

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Commenter:  Dr. Confuso

Over the Borderline and Then Some...

President Barack Obama recently addressed the issue of immigration in his first such speech since taking office.  The question is can we really handle more illegal immigrants with the recession we are experiencing here at home?  According to the commenter below the answer is: hell to the no!  While the commenter is wrong to stereotype all illegal immigrants, the issue of just how much more we can handle as a nation is one that demands serious consideration.

"Our President calls for not one, but three amnesties (comprehensive, DREAM, and AgJOBS) when so many Americans are out of work. Whom exactly does he represent. 15 million Americans are out of work, and a further 10 million cannot find a full-time job, at a time when 8 million illegal aliens have jobs. Millions of American families are having trouble paying their mortgage and putting food on the table, but you seem to be more concerned with protecting individuals who have stolen American jobs and broken American laws and are poiusoning our country starting gangs and bringing more and more drugs over our boarders. Any comprehensive amnesty for illegal aliens are just plain wrong and goes against the wishes of the vast majority of the American people. 25 million Americans are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job provide amnesty ????? HOW BLIND IS THIS WHOLE SITUATION??????"

Source:  www.politicsdaily.com

Commenter: scrupie


July 6, 2010NewsComments