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The church faces a sex scandal; California is one step closer to legalizing marijuana; and R&B singer Mario allegedly commits an act of domestic violence against his own mother. The world is spinning upside down starting now.

To Bishop Eddie Long: WWJD

If you're a male fresh over the age of 16 and Bishop Eddie Long asks you to get on your knees to pray, you might want to run. The Bishop is embroiled in a super scandal that is rocking the church after several young men have stepped forward and accused him of sexual abuse. Now let's remember that these are allegations and that many folks lie to extort the rich, mighty and powerful but as the commenter below notes if Flavor Flav can find love then, uhm, well anything's possible.


"i highly doubt anyone would willingly make something like this up just for money. but then again, 25 semi-gorgeous women competed for the love of Flavor Flav's ugly azz so nothing surprises me these days"


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Commenter: kingstonn

California is Smoking that La-La-La

What's that you hear? Every rapper in the U.S. is packing up their stuff and racing to move to California? Yup, if you're a popular rap artist or just your average weed lover California is the place to be. This week, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) signed into law a bill that makes it a-okay to carry up to one ounce of marijuana. No longer will you be arrested since simple possession has now gone from a misdemeanor to an infraction. Beginning January 1st, you'll only be served with a $100 fine, with no arrest record. Like the commenter below we should all rejoice that now law enforcement (at least, in California) can focus on real acts of crime.


"The biggest problem with the current system is that it turns ordinary, otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals just because they like to light up a joint however so often. People shouldn't be considering criminals in the eyes of society unless they are doing something which has a direct negative effect on others"


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Commenter: DrAlex

Mario Is Some Kinda Mama's Boy

There are some things you never, ever do in life and one of them is hit yo' mama. Well, R&B singer Mario allegedly crossed that line and ended up getting arrested in Baltimore, MD this past week. Mario was charged with second-degree assault after police were called to his mama, Shawntia Hardaway's apartment. She alleged that he damaged property and pushed her in the chest. Now comes word from Mario's camp that his mother's "irrational" behavior is a result of her drug addiction. This may just be so especially since Mario documented his difficult relationship with his mom on the documentary, "I Won't Love You to Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom." As the commenter below notes if this is all true then, Mario needs to realize that he can't continue trying to save his mother if she doesn't want to be saved.

"Mario fighting her is not the cure. she, has to want to stop!!! I know son you are putting in work to keep your mom straight but this is up to her. please get more help for you both..."


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Commenter: Cynthia


October 4, 2010NewsComments