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Keri Hilson wants you to know how much she loves sex; another Black man gets arrested for something he didn't do but this particular case has a twist; and there may be a reason to not fear the aging process in the future. The world starts spinning upside down now.

Keri Hilson has been a bad girl

In her new video "The Way You Love Me," singer-songwriter Keri Hilson sings explicitly about her bedroom skills, grinds on doors and displays all kinds of hyper sexuality. Of course she's not the first one to do it and won't be the last, but Keri has created some major controversy this week. There are those who support her expressing her sexuality while others see it as just another desperate attempt to remain relevant. Plus many question the potentially destructive message this sends to her young female listeners. For the last two reasons alone I'm siding with the commenter after the jump.

"I respect Keri for that pretty girl rock song and I tend to like the grown and sexy myself but the stupid song and attention seeking video was a major fail for a girl who can actually sing"


Source: www.perezhilton.com

Commenter: justme09



It matters if you're Black or White

Whoever said that it doesn't matter what color you are in life must not have ever been falsely accused of robbing a bank. Such was the case for an unidentified Black man in Cincinnati, Ohio who was wrongly arrested for robbing six banks. The story goes that a White man named, Conrad Zdzierak donned a silicone mask to resemble a Black man while robbing the banks. Zdzierak now faces up to 35 years in prison. Still in this funny comment below you've got to wonder what would have happened if the criminal really was Black.

"He got about 15 years less than he would have gotten if he were really black!!"

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Commenter: aqtpie

Old is the new young?

Well not quite yet, but the again process for humans may be a little less daunting in the future. Recently researchers at Harvard University demonstrated the ability to slow down and reverse the aging process in mice. Now they have their eyes set on doing the same for humans. If so, the anti-aging therapy could help reduce the challenges of many age-related health issues, such as strokes and heart disease. Of course for some people death is preferred over taxes.


"200 year old people collecting social security for 130 years. Scary!"


Source: www.rollingout.com

Commenter: Nelo50


December 6, 2010NewsComments