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By Souleo. T.I. and Tiny get married; Laurence Fishburne's daughter shakes what her mama gave her for the cameras; Jennifer Lopez possibly reaches yet another career dead end by joining "American Idol," for the show's upcoming season; a new House bill aims to limit the inequality of crack vs. cocaine sentencing; and if Newt Gingrich has his way the U.S will be in war with North Korea and Iran in no time.  It's all here in this week's round-up.  Get the hype.


T.I. & Tiny Tie Knot and Share Lip Gloss



Tiny can officially issue a sigh of relief because after years of being a devoted girlfriend and mother rapper T.I. has officially made her his wife.  As the commenter below notes not only are they now officially sharing their love with each other but they might also share the same make-up artist too.

"Look at them with their "matching makeup". LOL.  Nice pic. Congrats to them."

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Commenter:  Anna

Laurence Fishburne's Daughter Has A New Career



Why oh why?  There seems to be no logical explanation that celebrated actor, Laurence Fishburne's daughter, Montana aka "Chippy D" would choose to star in a porn film.  The commenter below captures the confusion of us all, quite well.  But not so sure that we should blame Laurence so soon for all of this.


"This is truly sad that she believes that using her body and having sex on tape is going to get her famous...Kim K didn't know her tape was surfacing(or @ least that what she said), she is deliberately puttin it out...like heey look @ me! She needs to get it together..and smh @ Mr fishburne"

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Commenter:  RayfromtheBay

Jennifer Lopez and the End of "American Idol"



After Paula Abdul left, Ellen DeGeneres couldn't save "American Idol," and in agreement with the commenter below I don't think Jennifer Lopez can make much of a difference.  But the producers of the series are moving forward with Jennifer as the new judge on the upcoming season.  If the producers really want a fighting chance they need to bring in a whacky personality like Jessica Simpson to give us some sorely missed Paula antics and plead with Simon Cowell to stay on for one more season.

"AI might as well pull the plug..."

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Commenter:  Kell

What the Crack?!



The House of Representatives recently passed a historic bill that aims to reduce the disproportionate imprisonment sentences between crack and cocaine convictions.  The former has constantly placed a large number of African-Americans in prison while the latter has seen a dramatically lower percentage of Whites go to prison.  While some welcome this new bill as a chance to limit the inequality of such sentences, others like the commenter below help to note that such a bill still doesn't get to the root of our nation's prison-industrial complex.


"I think we need to take it a step further and have prison reform. This disparity was clearly either racial, or all about money. I live in Greensboro, NC, and they just built a new prison with federal money. The County Sheriff BJ Barnes was on the news talking about the old jail, and how now we could convert the old jail into a federal prison to receive x amount of dollars monthly for each federal prisoner we house...The whole conversation was about money. The prison system is all about profits, not rehabilitation or punishment, and a lot of prisons are privately traded on the stock market. Google it if you don't believe me."


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Commenter: capricorn7nc


Newt Gingrich Wants War



Oh Newt, did you really need to use advocating war to get back in the public eye?  The former Speaker of the House believes that the lives of young U.S. men and women are so dispensable that we should go after both North Korea and Iran immediately since the U.S has only attacked "one out of three" of the "Axis of Evil," trio by invading Iraq.  There really isn't much else to say about Newt's comments except what's highlighted below.

"Newt's America, a nation of fearful biggots."

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Commenter:  lonngfello


August 2, 2010NewsComments