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Tiny gives T.I. a hand that lands them both in hot water; internet sensation Ted Williams is no longer homeless but he still needs a new jacket; and is political rhetoric responsible for the shooting death of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords? It's a mixed bag after the jump.


Give me a hand, will ya?

Okay, what is it with T.I. and Tiny? These two can never seem to stay out of trouble. This week their troubles are pretty hilarious and innocent as Tiny was caught sexually pleasuring her husband during a prison visit. Now while a kiss, hug and holding hands are allowed these two certainly should have known that fondling each other below the belt was against the rules. As the commenter below notes the one paying for it all is T.I. as now he's left hanging (pun intended). On another note, SMH that this comment comes from someone named "bishop."

"Wow as a married man, I totally understand what happened here! Now poor T.I will have to finish up himself. Its just not the same!"


Commenter: Bishop1405

No longer homeless and in need of a stylist

It's rare that we come across stories as heartwarming and inspirational as that of Ted Williams. Ted is the 53-year old homeless man who became an Internet sensation after a video of his golden radio voice was released on YouTube. The video led to him getting offers for full-time radio gigs, a house and the chance to reunite with his 92-year old mother after many years apart. Still, some folks can't help but find something to make fun of and this commenter is no different. Apparently the same jacket Ted wears in his initial video is what he has continued to wear in public appearances thereafter, despite getting a fresh haircut.

"will somebody get this guy a new jacket!"


Commenter: Youandmeb


Watch your mouth

When it comes to the promotion of violence the finger is usually pointed at hip-hop not political figures such as Sarah Palin. Yet, that's exactly what is happening following the tragic assassination of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. Many people are wondering how much the intense rhetoric of political figures such as Sarah contributed to fueling the hatred and anger that led the killer to take action. For example one of Sarah's catchphrases to her constituents is "Don't retreat; reload." While no one knows what really led the troubled murderer to target Gabrielle there may be a lesson to learn from this sad incident.

"Those who deny "words have consequences" also deny that teachers influence their students, parents influence their children, pastors influence their flocks, politicians influence their constituents, ceo's influence their employees, etc..."


Commenter: structurequity


January 11, 2011NewsComments