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Aretha Franklin needs an intervention for even mentioning Halle Berry's name; rapper Gucci Mane's new ice cream tattoo is about to bring all the boys to the yard; and the Pentagon recommends that women get in the line of fire. The crazy starts now.


Aretha Franklin wants Halle Berry or else...

Whoever is advising the Queen of Soul these days is not doing a good job. Aretha is still intent on getting Halle Berry to play her in a biopic as she's been telling anyone who will listen that Halle should take the role. Uhm, excuse me?! One, Halle is a hit or miss actress. Two, she can't sing! Three, where in the hell is the resemblance between the two? Is Aretha delusional or something? According to the comment below she just may be.

"Denzel Washington was Aretha's first choice, but he backed out."

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Commenter: 3daywkend


Gucci Mane wants you to lick it

Gucci must have hopped up out the bed and turned his crazy on because he done went and got this hideous tattoo on his face. Ok, he has tons of ink all over his body so I know that he has limited space to work with. But your face? Your face? I cannot. Well, according to the commenter below someone is gonna love licking the ice cream tattoo but I'm not sure that's what Gucci had in mind. Or was it?

"The boys in the penitentiary are going to love Gucci with that ice cream tat on his face... Don't drop the soap."

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Commenter: Anonymous


It's a woman's battlefield

It looks like women may finally get the chance to serve in combat due to a new Pentagon commission report. The report says that banning women from combat is discriminatory and an archaic idea that doesn't take into account the dynamics of modern warfare. While I'm all for women being given the chance to fight (lord knows I'm not willing) there are some foolish comments like the one below that show just how childish one can be. I'll admit though the scenario is funny in a "you so dumb" kind of way.

"Ok so lets say that there is a 5 man and 1 woman mission in the annals of Afghanistan. They find a 1 room shack to bead down for the night. The woman received a breast or butt wound that needs tending to and one man that fell in the river earlier needs to dry out all his clothes over night. What now."

Source: www.cnn.com

Commenter: deepclouder


January 17, 2011NewsComments