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December 13, 2010NewsComments

Oprah cries her heart out; President Obama takes the blame for compromising; and a new Ugandan bill threatens to kill gays.  It's been an emotional rollercoaster this week.

Oprah once again denies being a lesbian

Oprah Winfrey is used to making other people cry but this week the tables were turned after Barbara Walters hit an emotional nerve.  For "A Barbara Walters Special: Oprah, The Next Chapter," Oprah denied being in a lesbian relationship with best friend, Gayle King for the umpteenth time and professed her love for longtime partner, Stedman Graham.  While this was a popular blog post all week, I side with the commenter below: do we really need to care about what Oprah does with her you-know-what?

"...the less time I spend thinking about her "box" the better. For reals."


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Commenter: YSoSerious

President Obama takes blame for compromise

Many democrats were not happy this week with President Obama's decision to compromise with Republicans and approve tax cuts for the wealthy.  The compromise did include a provision to preserve long-term unemployment insurance.  Although Democrats still have a majority in the senate they lost that title in the House of Representatives as a result of this year's midterm elections.  So yes, compromise is a necessary evil.   Still, there is some weight to the question of whether or not President Obama fought hard enough before compromising.

"As Neville Chamberlain said: There is a fine-line between compromise and surrender."


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Commenter: Garrigou

Anti-gay Ugandan bill threatens human rights

Openly gay MSNBC TV show host, Rachel Maddow had a hot and heavy debate with David Bahati, author of the highly controversial bill in the Ugandan Parliament that calls for gay people to face life imprisonment or, in some cases, execution if they are convicted of having practiced homosexuality.  As the commenter points out below this is another sad case civil rights being challenged abroad.

"One thing we have learned from history is that people don't learn from history. Where there are minorities to persecute, minorities will be persecuted"

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December 13, 2010NewsComments