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By Souleo Sean Kingston has a major accident; public schools want you to pay to walk through the door; and that cell phone of yours may kill you one day. So much drama after the jump.


Sean Kingston is a survivor

Recording artist, Sean Kingston was going a little too fast for his own good on a jet ski over Memorial Day weekend. The singer is currently in recovery from a broken jaw and wrist after crashing into the Palm Island Bridge in Miami. His passenger, Cassandra Sanchez suffered only minor injuries. While many have expressed prayers of support for Sean some folks can't get over his poor decision making skills.


"He hit a bridge? Gee, bridges don't move so you really have to aim at them. But then, to me, anyone on a jet ski is basically a moron. It's good to see them working their way out of the gene pool,"


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Do not come to school empty handed

The recession is having a negative effect on all areas of society and now public schools are forced to respond to the situation. To alleviate the burden of high costs and low state funding some public schools are charging fees for enrollment in everything from advanced classes to school bus rides. This is certainly a disturbing situation that will further divide the poor and rich, thus giving greater opportunities to the latter that can afford quality education. Still not everyone agrees. What do you say?

"Complaining about a $200 fee for sports is laughable. Have your lazy kid rake some leaves, shovel snow, or do something to make a measly few hundred dollars to play a sport, if its that important to them and you don't want to pay it."

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Don't answer that call

It's been speculated for a long time that cell phones can lead to cancer but now there appears to be growing support for the idea. The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer recently classified cell phone radio waves as "possibly carcinogenic." This move could lead the United Nations to conduct an extensive investigation into the potential harm of cell phones. Still some people think it's not the cell phones that are dangerous; it's really the ones using them.


"With most of the individuals I see excessively talking on their cell phone (especially while driving), there isn't much up there to begin with....."

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June 6, 2011NewsComments