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Lil' Wayne makes prison look like a carefree retreat; a transgender athlete makes history in sports but many wonder if it's fair; marijuana smokers miss their big break; and Republicans give Democrats a run for their money. Get hip to life after the jump.

Lil' Wayne is what?

When it comes to prison and hip-hop there is truly a revolving door. As T.I. heads away another rapper, Lil' Wayne comes on home. This week Lil' Wayne was released from Rikers Island after serving 8 months for weapons possession. Not only did every groupie in the world leave the bedside of Soulja Boy and rush over to Lil' Wayne but apparently most folks are celebrating his "freedom." Now forgive me and the commenter below for rolling our eyes at the fact that people are actually celebrating his release. After all if you do the crime isn't the whole point to do the time?

"I just love the way its portrayed that doing time for a crime is something to be celebrated. What a horrible image to send to the black youth."


Commenter: iscream

What's gender got to do with it?

They say that just about everything under the sun has already been done, well apparently not when it comes to women's basketball. George Washington University's Kyle Allums recently made history by becoming the first openly transgender basketball player to compete in the Division 1 of the NCAA. So here's the story, Kyle was born a female but identifies as a male. To continue playing on the women's team, Kyle has decided not to attempt hormone therapy. Now, I'm all for diversity and breaking new ground but the commenter below does bring up an interesting point.

"How can you say you are a man but play on a woman's team?!! This is nonsense and he/she shouldn't be given a pass. You can't have your cake and eat it too."


Commenter: Anonymous

Vote or don't smoke

I can't believe this happened. California weed smokers had their big chance to legalize the drug with Proposition 19 but alas they failed to get it passed. Apparently the reason why Prop 19 didn't succeed is because according to poll results conservative voters outnumbered young voters with only 13 percent of those under 30 making their voices heard. But as the commenter below notes there may be a valid reason why young voters didn't turn out.

"They were too stoned!"


Commenter: Robert

Republicans Gain Power

It looks like a change is gonna come. After a tight midterm elections race, Republicans gained power by taking majority control of the House and winning key governorships across the country. Thankfully, this commenter has a few rules in mind that if adhered to can bring about some much needed sanity to the political scene. As if, that will ever happen...but here's to wishful thinking.

"Democrats and Republicans - please do me this favor.. 1) Don't get cocky...2) Try to work with each other ...3) Work the PROBLEMS...4) Look at ALL options - The more options you have available to you, the better odds you have at fixing a problem - plain common sense...Promise me those 4 things and I think you'll have a lot more happy Americans in addition to me."


Commenter: raiden23


November 8, 2010NewsComments118 Views