Holiday Gift Guide feat. Hunter

Holiday Gift Guide feat. Hunter

The turkey? Carved. Thanks? Given. There’s only one thing left to do – prepare your chimney for the arrival of jolly ole Mr. Claus!

Yes, the holidays are just around the bend, and as usual, time to prepare is limited. Sure, you may have a few gifts for your dearest friends and family, but the list is likely incomplete. Not to worry – this season, our Holiday Gift Guide is brought to you by Hunter, and they’ve got everything you need to be your best gift-giving self.

Hunter’s storied history dates back to 1856, when an American named Henry Lee Norris ventured to Scotland to found what was then called the North British Rubber Company. With an emphasis on functional footwear that could sustain any climate, Norris’s brand crafted durable rubber boots using the then-cutting-edge vulcanization process – a technique that is still widely used today. It’s been over 150 years since the inception of what we now call Hunter, and their products are just as prominent today as they were then.

Performance isn’t everything, though. In the years following its emergence, Hunter has taken residence at the intersection of function and fashion – producing countless variants of their Original Rain Boot to suit the styles of their diverse customers. Don’t believe me? Take it from Lady Diana Spencer, who famously wore a pair of Hunter boots for her engagement photos in 1981 – or from Kate Moss, who was spotted wearing a pair at Glastonbury.

Among the plethora of boots that Hunter produces, the most popular is undoubtedly the Original Tall Rain Boot – first introduced in 1956. The flagship boot is crafted from a waterproof natural rubber and composed in 28 hand-cut parts. The high cut ensures weather protection, while the soft polyester lining works to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Although the Original Tall Rain Boots are excellent for any occasion, Hunter also offers a shorter version for a more versatile look. The Original Short Play Rain Boots just reach the top of the ankle, making them less than half the height of their predecessor. These little boots are crafted with the same tooling, including the waterproof natural rubber and cozy polyester lining. The soles, however, are flatter and more platform-like, making their appearance much more dynamic than that of the original.

These offerings are just the tip of the iceberg – with different shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes to choose from, these boots are sure to make the perfect gift this holiday season. Head over to to browse our vast selection of boots from Hunter – the recipient’s feet will thank you later.