Holiday Gift Guide: Klarna

Holiday Gift Guide: Klarna

Given the current social climate, it’s understandable that many of us are choosing to complete our Christmas wish lists online this season. Luckily for you, this year’s Holiday Gift Guide is done in partnership with Klarna, and their intuitive pay-later system ensures a “smoooth” shopping experience unlike any other.

The Swedish tech start-up saw its initial launch in April of 2005 under the name Kreditor Europe AB. Established by three budding entrepreneurs named Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth, and Victor Jacobsson, the brand aimed to revolutionize online shopping with faster, easier, and more secure payment options for both customers and sellers alike.

In the years that followed, the brand expanded its reach from major European cities to the shores of the United States, changing its name in the process. Today, Klarna are globally recognized for their financial services, currently working with more than 90 million customers and 200,000 retail partners.

“But how does it work?,” you may be wondering. It’s simple – Instead of paying up front, Klarna offers customers financial flexibility with four smaller, interest-free payments that are due in two-week increments. Doing so does not have any credit impact, there are no hidden fees, and the package comes equipped with buyer protection.

An attractive “buy now, pay later” feature gives customers peace of mind by keeping their holiday spending in check. Don’t believe me? Shop our Holiday Gift Guide with Klarna’s interest-free payment plan and see for yourself.