Jordan Retro

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Since Michael Jordan’s debut Air Jordan 1 sneaker release, Jordan shoes were arguably the most popular basketball sneaker. As Jordan dominated the basketball court, his sneakers were shaking up the market with bold colorways and designs that continue to define today’s most popular styles. With this in mind, Jordan continues to adapt and re-release the most popular silhouettes in its original lineup, adding a modern twist to timeless classics.

Jordan Retro 3

One of the most popular designs, the Retro 3 has an edgy style and was the first of its kind to feature mid-top ankle height for enhanced mobility.

Jordan Retro 4

The Retro 4 was unlike the previous three sneakers in the line, being the first to feature “over-molded” mesh that enhanced breathability for the wearer. The release of the Jordan Retro 4 marked a turning point for the Jordan brand, because it was the first sneaker to hit global markets.

Jordan Retro 12

The Retro 12 represents MJ’s spectacular performance in the 1996-97 NBA Finals during Game 5, where Jordan dropped a record-shattering 38 points. Using the latest technology and design, the Retro 12s were built to be the most durable and elegant sneaker in the entire collection.

Jordan Retro 13

Released in the 1997-98 season, when Jordan was dubbed one of the most iconic nicknames in his NBA career. Michael “Black Cat” Jordan continued to drive past opponents with the stealth and speed of a panther, and his playing style was the primary inspiration for this sneaker design.

What’s considered a “Retro Jordan” release?

There are well over 30 original Jordan styles, with a pair released each year since ‘85. A release is considered a “Retro” whenever one of the originals is restyled. For example, the Jordan Retro 4 shoe has been redesigned as the Retro Air Jordan “Black Cat” and “SE Rush.” As of now, there are too many reinventions of Jordan Retro shoes to list. For many collectors, it’s best to focus on the shoes that resonate with you – it’s something you’ll know when you feel it.

Authenticity of Retro Jordan shoes.

Back in the day, Jordan shoes used to include a two-sided postcard known as a “Retro Card.” As you may know, the Retro Cards included in original Jordan shoe boxes are a thing of the past, and many sneaker enthusiasts struggle to identify Jordan knockoffs when looking for the real deal.

Whenever you buy Jordan Retro shoes, pay close attention to the quality of the box, label, logos, and text. We also recommend cross-referencing release dates and style number to determine if the sneaker and design has been officially released. Finally, the best way to get an authentic pair of Jordan sneakers is to buy from an authorized retailer, like Jimmy Jazz.