Shop men’s hats in snapback, 5-panel, and fitted styles.

Find the freshest, newest hats and caps for men in various styles, patterns, and colorways from your favorite brands. Get unique and authentic designs when searching for hats by color, or shop by brand to get the hook up with styles you already know and love.

What are the different styles of men’s caps?

Often worn with sportswear, streetwear, designer, or hip-hop fashion, baseball cap styles are just as varied as the ways different people like to dress. That’s why we make sure to offer as many styles as we can to keep you looking at the top of your game.

Baseball Caps (aka “Dad Hats”)

Arguably one of the most in-style hat types of today, baseball caps – affectionally referred to as “dad hats” – feature a curved brim that’s never overbearing. Dad hats are loved by men of all ages because of their comfort, durability, and versatility.

Looking for a dad hat to call your own? Check out our collection of Field Grade baseball caps and choose from over forty unique styles and colors.

Snapback Hats

If you’re an avid hat-wearer, then you probably have a few snapbacks in your collection already. These hats are a 6-panel cap with a flat rim and adjustable strap. Snapbacks are iconic for urban youth but adaptable enough to be appreciated by streetwear and hip-hop fashion enthusiasts around the world.

5-Panel Hats

Like the snapback, but with 5-panels, these hats feature a flat brim giving them their signature look. They’re the go-to men’s hat style for hipsters, surfers, and skaters – but anyone can wear them.

Fitted Caps

While they can’t be adjusted, fitted caps have a great look that’s casual, comfortable, and easy to wear. Just make sure you measure your head to ensure the hat will fit. You can do this using tailor’s measuring tape (these can be bought individually and are occasionally included in sewing kits).

Snugly wrap the tape around your head where the cap will rest – usually just above your ears and eyebrows – to measure your head in inches or centimeters. Next, find the size guide for the brand you’re looking to buy. Different brands tend to have a slightly different fit, so this step’s important. Note that hats tend to shrink over time, so always go a bit larger if you find yourself between two sizes.

What men’s hats are in style?

Unlike clothing and apparel, men’s hat styles remain consistent as new and improved fashion lines are released. Baseball caps are still among the coolest hat variations for men, but as you can see, there are plenty of other options available to keep your look fresh.