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What are training shoes for?

Training shoes – or trainers – differ significantly from running shoes and are intended for multi-directional motion (specifically lateral, side-to-side movements). This type of footwear is traditionally worn for workouts. Due to their versatility, trainers are often preferred as gym sneakers.

You can perform a wide range of activities when wearing trainers, from stationary weightlifting to high-intensity boot camps and exercise classes.

What makes a “good” pair of trainers?

A good pair of trainers is always made from high-quality, breathable materials. Many of the best trainers use mesh, polyester, or perforated synthetic materials to keep your feet cool when things heat up.

Pull tabs are another great feature shared by many training sneakers, as they’ll make it easier to slip into your shoes before your workout.

Finally, you’ll want a pair of trainers that feels comfortable from the get-go. If the shoes don’t fit right, there’s a good chance they’re not right for you. Fortunately, brands like adidas, Nike, and Jordan focus on comfort as much as performance, making them a great place to start your search.

Can you run in training shoes?

We do not recommend running in training shoes. Training shoes are not for running because they were built to serve an entirely different group of active individuals. Training shoes may make you feel like you’re ready for take-off, but the intended design was not running long distances.

It’s important to find footwear styles that match your activity or lifestyle. Running shoes are made for protection from the wear and tear. They’re also built to withstand your feet repeatedly pounding against the track or pavement. This design requires a heel-to-toe movement and creates a higher drop than training footwear is meant to handle.

If you lead an athletic or active lifestyle, consider getting both a pair of training shoes and a pair of running shoes. Your shoes should last longer and wearing the proper shoes for different activities could reduce your chances of injury.