Shop the Air Max 97 Collection from Nike.

We know there’s a lot to choose from if you’re looking for kicks from the Nike Air Max collection. If you like Air Max footwear and want to try something as fast as it is fresh, the Air Max 97 could be right for you. It blends casual, running, and training sneaker styles into a single, versatile silhouette. It’s also a great sneaker for those who want a multi-purpose shoe they can wear anytime, anywhere.

What makes the Air Max 97 so popular?

When Nike introduced the Air Max 97, there was no other sneaker on the market quite like it. In its early days, the AM 97 was known as the “Silver Bullet” for its sleek, metallic-silver design, distinct rippling waves, and full-length visible Air Sole – technology found in some of Nike’s finest shoes.

Christian Tresser, creator of the AM 97, drew inspiration from the natural world around him, even incorporating designs that mimicked ripples within a puddle of water. This effect can be viewed by looking at the sneaker from the top down. Next time you have a chance to check it out, be sure to pay close attention to the rippling details throughout the sneaker’s upper.

Another source of unexpected inspiration? Mountain bikes. Mountain bikes typically featured metal finishes made from aluminum and titanium with added reflective material. This is just like the reflective strip seen on the Air Max 97.

Do Nike Air Max 97 run big or small?

Nike says the Air Max 97 runs true-to-size, so you should order it in your standard shoe size. If you find yourself frequently dealing with tight or loose sneakers from having wider or narrower feet, it’s a good idea to go up or down one half-size, depending on your fit.

What can you wear with the Air Max 97 to look your best?

Sneakerheads and sportswear enthusiasts both agree that it’s not hard to look good in a pair of Air Max 97 shoes. Want to enhance this look even further? Check out our Nike Air Max collection to find more great Nike Air clothing, accessories, and apparel to go with your next pair of kicks.

Is the Air Max 97 a good running shoe?

The AM 97 was originally designed to be a next-generation, best-in-class running sneaker, drawing parallels from a Japanese bullet train. This inspired creator Christian Tresser to incorporate a mixture of leather, foam, and Nike Air technology to create the fastest shoe he could imagine.

While the Air Max 97 is a great running sneaker, it rapidly became a favorite among causal sneaker wearers and Nike shoe collectors alike. While great for a jog, the comfort, eye-catching color releases, and overall polished look make the 97 perfect for everyday wear.