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Reebok is one of the oldest and best-known athletic shoe and clothing brands in the world. If anyone knows a thing or two about athleticwear and street fashion, it’s Reebok. Find sneakers for basketball, running, or casual wear. It’s all here at Jimmy Jazz.

Where does the name “Reebok” originate from?

Like many great sportswear and athletic footwear brands, Reebok has an original story with a deep history. The company was founded in 1958 by two brothers in England who sought to name the company after the fastest known land animal, the Grey Rhebok, an African antelope that eludes prey with swiftness, endurance, and speed – qualities you’ll find in the best athletic footwear.

When did Reebok change their logo?

The Reebok logo saw a few revisions over the years, the most recent being in 2014. Reebok rebranded their product mix to focus exclusively on fitness and performance sportswear. Being a subsidiary of adidas since 2005, it’s a no brainer that Reebok would shift their focus to areas that don’t directly compete with their parent company or other sportswear giants, such as Nike.

Today Reebok’s “Delta” logo represents the positive impact, change, and personal growth that fitness can provide for a person’s life. Regardless of Reebok’s logo and brand identity today, if you’re in need of sportswear or athletic footwear for an active lifestyle, Reebok is right for you.

Do Reebok shoes fit true to size?

Reebok has stated that their shoes fit true to size, and wearers of Reebok classic sneakers often remark that these shoes are a perfect fit.

Just remember, it’s essential to pay attention to the sneaker’s materials. If your eyes are on a pair of classic leather kicks from Reebok, it may be ideal to go up half a size if you have wider feet.